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kota kinabalu

kota kinabalu sabah

international study

    kinabalu international school      kinabalu school

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Chin Architect designed and built this school block for the client Kinabalu International School (KIS) on a site located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The entire project cost only RM1.3 million ringgit – and with Chin Architect’s expertise and professional team comprising of civil, electrical and mechanical engineers and quantity surveyors, a fast-track method was deployed. With efficient design and outstanding project management, the school was completed within its estimated budget and was handed over to the client in just seven months. A good site study and knowledge of the land’s contours resulted in a design that minimized slope cutting and saved costs, while the use of prefabricated steel structured allowed the building to be constructed in record time. The result is a building that looks and feels light yet solid, and in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. The KIS new school building is a showcase of efficient tropical architecture design that combines comfort, quality of construction and materials, all which are hallmarks of Chin Architect’s architectural design and professional services.

We have designed two blocks for Kinabalu International School (KIS) – The first block, KIS 12 has been completed, whereas the 3-storey KIS 18 is scheduled for completion by early 2016. KIS 12 comprises of 12 classrooms, a laboratory and an art room for A-Level students. For both school blocks, the decision to use prefabricated steel meant that less time was needed for building erection and installation, compared to traditional concrete formwork, therefore resulting in minimal wet construction. We saved time and labor costs using this method that was a particularly efficient solution for the site, which was located on a hillside slope surrounded by a canopy of trees.   

     malaysia school      kinabalu international school

    international school kota kinabalu      kota kinabalu view

    chin architect design      kinabalu school

kinabalu international school

kis view

international school

kis view

international student

sabah school view

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