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Our Custom Home Building Process

10 Steps to your brand new custom home from Chin Architect!

1. Home Tour

Find out all the features and benefits of building a Schumacher custom home.Experience the Wall of Quality at one of our Design Centers.

2. Select and Customize Your Home Plan

Hereís when you can explore all your options, and choose the design thatís right for you from hundreds of home plans. We are the first builder in the country to offer Real Time Designô where you can make all of the changes you want, using Smart Board technology. You will actually see them draw your plans and you can provide instant feedback.

3. Determine The Cost of Your Home

Our state-of-the-art pricing program leads the industry in pricing your new home. For your No-Obligation price quote, we will go through the presentation of more than 200 standard and optional features, and you will receive a copy of the quote showing all pricing, descriptions and images of your selections. All items will be explained in detail. With Chin Architect, there are no hidden costs, and no unwelcome surprises!

4. Complete The Paperwork

You will receive your New Home Owner manual. Itís so thorough, it answers questions you haven't even thought of yet!

5. Color Selections

Review our Selections area to confirm the choices and colors made at your price quote, and to see all the countless other customized features from which you can choose.

6. Home Site Inspection

We will schedule a home site inspection where your personal builder will come to your home site to determine lot characteristics and home placement.

7. Pre-Construction Meeting

This is the final meeting before we begin building your brand new Schumacher home. At this meeting you will meet your construction team and we will review all details related to your new home.

8. Construction

We believe the key to any strong relationship is communication. Lots of it. So, you can expect to hear from your personal builder on a regular basis throughout the construction process. And, you know who to talk to when you have questions. You will even have his cell phone number. Your personal builder will accompany you on a final inspection to ensure that every detail of your new home lives up to the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Chin Architect is committed to.Operating and maintenance procedures for all systems will be reviewed.

9. Move-In

Here it is. The day when you close on your home and officially make it your sis definitely a day worth celebrating. Our commitment to you is just beginning with the start of our ten-year transferable insured structural warranty, supported by our full time warranty department. Now it's time to place the furniture, hang the pictures and say to yourself quietly, "It's nice to be home."

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