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Interior Design

Menu of Interior Design Services 2010

We render architecture and interior design services in an approachable, comfortable to apply format. We assist you to choose services that accommodate your project, budget and stage of experience. You might select to apply us across all aspect of your project or merely for ideas and advice.

We always supply you with costs for each service ahead of beginning work, so that you maintain control over your design costs. Please re-examine our Menu of Interior Design Services to see how we can assist you.

Menu of Interior Design Services

We place a good deal of emphasis on the inner of your project because finally this is the way that you go through the construction for most of the time. Our constructions are always planned with the interior in mind. We control spaces, volumes, circulation, natural lighting and ventilation to produce the best potential living surroundings and render that little bit of something excess, commonly called the wow factor.

Outline Interior Design

If you commission Architecture Scheme Design services from us we include an Outline Interior Design scheme. Instead we can supply this service on a complete basis for interior renovation projects. Outline Interior Design includes:

    *  Recommended layout plans for kitchens and bathrooms.

    *  Recommended layout plans for built in storage or furniture.

    *  Recognition of key interior design features such as fireplaces, stairways, roof lights etc.

    *  Suggested key finishes for flooring and walls.
This service is enclosed within our Architecture Scheme Design service. For interior redevelopment projects we render this service on a fixed fee basis for an accorded scope of works or at an accorded hourly rate.

Detail Interior Design

Should you indirect request to design a key room in particular or if you wish to commission bespoke designed installations or furniture we are pleased to render another design services. We can supply designs for fabrication by a contractor or work with specialists to accomplish your accurate requisites. We are capable to assist with the following typical projects and render services on a fixed fee basis for an accorded scope of works or at an accorded hourly rate:

    * Bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms.

    *  Kitchens and utility rooms.

    *  Built in furniture for bedrooms, dressing rooms, home offices, play rooms, living rooms, dining rooms,

    *  Feature walls and floors.

    *  Fireplaces.

    *  Staircases.

    *  Lighting designs.

    *  Home automation designs.

Interior Furnishing and Finishes

Our in-house interior designers can design and schedule an Interior Furnishing and Finishes scheme for you. We apply sketches, images, mood boards and samples to accord a full bespoke interior design with you. We will then issue the applicable selective information to contractors and providers in order that the designs are fully coordinated and applied on land site. We have a large interior design database and can obtain better trade discount rate* on your behalf. Contrary to many interior designers we donít process a commission basis. We favor to work entirely transparently and announce our fees before beginning work. We can render this service on a fixed fee basis for an accorded scope of works or at an accorded hourly rate.

On site

The genuine success of great architecture and interior design projects dwells fantabulous coordination and completing on site. We can render site inspection services to ascertain that your designs are constructed, handed over, installed and operational as intended. We supply this service at an accorded hourly rate.


If you do not need a comprehensive Interior Design service we are always pleased to supply advice on an as demand basis. You might wish us to go with you to visit a kitchen designer or flooring showroom. We can get together to review your finishes estimations or talk about the latest trends in decorating. We are always pleased to keep company our clients on research trips or plan expeditions to purchase those one off special pieces that make the difference to your interior. Tell us your necessities and we will arrange what we may to assist. We render this service at an accorded hourly rate.

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