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Hire Architect Guide

How Much to Hire an Architect

The followings are some examples of the scale of fee a Malaysian Architect will charge. In general, architect’s fee is calculated as a certain percentage of the overall costs of the project. The fee works on a sliding scale. The higher the cost of your project the lower the fee percentage. The type of project also affects the fee. A simple building like a multi-storey car park has a lower category of fee than say, a shopping complex. You can see the schedule of fee listed below. Just scroll further down.

Architect's fee structures are typically based on a percentage of construction value, hourly rates or a fixed lump sum fee. Combinations of these structures are also common. Fixed fees are usually based on an a project's allocated construction cost and can range between 2 and 12% of new construction cost, depending on a project's size and complexity. Renovation projects typically command higher percentages, as high as 15-20%. Overall billings for architectural firms range widely, depending on location and economic climate. Billings have traditionally been dependent on the local economic conditions but, with rapid globalization, this is becoming less of a factor for larger international firms. Salaries also vary, depending on experience, position within the firm (staff architect, partner or shareholder,etc.) and the size and location of the firm.

What to expect from an Architect

The practice of architecture involves offering or rendering services that include pre-design services, programming, planning, providing designs, drawings, specifications and other technical submissions, the administration of construction contracts and the co-ordination of any elements of technical submissions prepared by others (such as by engineers) and technical designers.

Architecture is a business in which technical knowledge, management, and an understanding of business are as important as design. An architect accepts a commission from a client. The commission might involve preparing feasibility reports, building audits, the design of a building or of several buildings, structures, and the spaces among them. The architect participates in developing the requirements the client wants in the building. Throughout the project (planning to occupancy), the architect co-ordinates a design team. Structural,mechanical, and electrical engineers and other specialists, are hired by the client or the architect, who must ensure that the work is coordinated to construct the design.

Design role

The architect hired by a client is responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that client and provides a facility suitable to the required use. In that effort, the architect must meet with and question the client [extensively] to ascertain all the requirements and nuances of the planned project. This information, called a "program", is essential to producing a project that meets all the needs and desires of the owner—it is a guide for the architect in creating the design concept. Architects deal with local and federal jurisdictions about regulations and building codes. The architect might need to comply with local planning and zoning laws, such as required setbacks, height limitations, parking requirements, transparency requirements (windows), and land use. Some established jurisdictions require adherence to design and historic preservation guidelines.

Documentation role

The architect has the task and responsibility to document the design concept in such manner as to provide detailed drawings and information used by the various contractors, directly. In this, there is a transition that is required to convert design language to construction terms and information, directions and instructions. This work requires a large portion of the professional's fee and extensive time for production. The higher the quality of these documents the more the construction will be enabled and facilitated. This is work that is unavoidable and most necessary.

In addition, the working drawings must be accompanied by suitable construction specifications. The two sets of documents must be closely coordinated, supplementary and complementary, so as to be inseparable [i.e., the project cannot be built using just one set of the documents]. The reason for this is that some information is easily [and better] depicted graphically, while other data is incapable of being depicted and must be produced in written form.

Architects prepare the technical or "working" documents (construction drawings and specifications), usually coordinated with and supplemented by the work of a variety of disciplines [i.e., with varied expertise like mechanical, plumbing, electrical, civil, structural, etc.]engineers for the building services and that are filed for obtaining permits (development and building permits) that require compliance with building, seismic, and relevant federal and local regulations. These construction drawings and specifications are also used for pricing the work, and for construction.

Construction role

Architects typically put projects to tender on behalf of their clients, advise on the award of the project to a general contractor, and review the progress of the work during construction. They typically review subcontractor shop drawings and other submittals, prepare and issue site instructions, and provide construction contract administration and Certificates for Payment to the contractor (see also Design-bid-build). In many jurisdictions, mandatory certification or assurance of the work is required.

Depending on the client's needs and the jurisdiction's requirements, the spectrum of the architect's services may be extensive (detailed document preparation and construction review) or less inclusive (such as allowing a contractor to exercise considerable design-build functions). With very large, complex projects, an independent construction manager is sometimes hired to assist in design and to manage construction. In the United Kingdom and other countries, a quantity surveyor is often part of the team to provide cost consulting.

Alternate practice and specializations

Recent decades have seen the rise of specializations within the profession. Many architects and architectural firms focus on certain project types (for example, health care, retail, public housing), technological expertise or project delivery methods. Some architects specialize as building code, building envelope, sustainable design,historic preservation, accessibility and other forms of specialist consultants.
Many architects elect to move into real estate (property) development,corporate facilities planning, project management, construction management, interior design or other related fields

The guide below explains the Conditions of Hiring an Architect. Your role as a Client and the role of the Architect is defined in the Memorandum of Agreement. Issues such as payments, types of services, disputes, other consultants, etc are clearly spelled out here. The example given is an MOA between the government and the Architect. You may use this MOA by substituting the word ‘Government’ with ‘Client’.

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Made this                                                         day of
(hereinafter called "the Government") of the one part

Ar. Chin Yuong Khiun

Practicing as architect (s) at
TEL: +6-088-268205 FAX:+6-088-268207   HP: +6-0198117088
E-MAIL: chin178@gmail.com

*under the style of (name of firm)

*Delete if not applicable
(hereinafter called"the Consulting Architect" which expression includes the legal representatives, successors in title and permitted assigns) of the other part

WHEREAS the Government intends to construct and complete
(description of intended works)

(hereinafter called "the Project")
AND WHEREAS the Government is desirous of appointing the Consulting Architect to provide professional architectural services for the project.

NOW IT IS HEREBY agreed as follows:

1.     The Government hereby appoints the Consulting Architect to provide the professional architectural services for the Project subject to and in accordance with the Conditions of Engagement hereinafter set out and the Consulting Architect hereby accepts the appointment for the purpose of providing the professional services for the same subject to and in accordance with the Conditions of Engagement.


2.    This Memorandum of Agreement, the Conditions of Engagement and the Schedule to the Conditions of Engagement (hereinafter called "the Schedule") shall together constitute the Agreement between the Government and the Consulting Architect

3.    In consideration of the Consulting Architect providing the professional services required, the Government hereby agrees to pay the Consulting Architect in accordance with the Schedule.

4.    The intervals of payment shall be monthly beginning from the commencement of the Consulting Architect's appointment.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have here into set their hands on the day and year first above written.
                                                       SIGNED BY…………………………………….)   
                                                        …………………………………………….…….)              …………………………..
                                                             for and on behalf of                                                   Officer’s signature
                                                                 (THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA)

                                                              in the presence of
                                                        ...…….……………………………………….….)             .…………..………………
                                                        .......…...…………………………….…………..)                 Witness signature

                                                      SIGNED BY…………………………........…….)   
                                                        ………...……….....…..….……………….…….)              ....………………………..
                                                              for and on behalf of                                                Ar Chin Yuong Khiun

TEL: +6-088-268205 FAX:+6-088-268207   HP: +6-0198117088

                                                              in the presence of

                                                      ……………………………………………….….)          ..………………………….
                                                      …………………………………………………..)              Witness signature

  BAM/JKR FORM B (Revised 1/83)









In this Agreement unless the context otherwise requires the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them:


"Consulting Architect" means the architect engaged by the Government to perform the professional services;


"Contractor" means any person or persons, firm or company under a contract with the Government to perform the Works or to supply goods in connection with the Works or both and includes a sub-contractor;


"Cost of works" means cost ascertained in accordance with the definition contained in the Schedule hereto;


"multiplier" includes a factor derived from the elements covering annual salary, fringe benefits including bonuses, Employees Provident Fund and staff saving funds, subscriptions to professional institutions, leave, medical aid and insurances, seminars, conferences and workshops, office administrative charges and expenses including rentals, telephones, telex and postal charges, stationery, subscriptions to journals, promotion, training and scholarships, transport costs, legal and audit fees, bank charges, idle time and profits; but in the case of site staff recruited specially for the project, the multiplying factor shall be derived from the elements covering only the annual salary, gratuity, Employees Provident Fund, medical aid, insurances, overheads and profits only;


"Project" means the project for which the Government has engaged the professional services of the Consulting Architect and of which the works form a part;


"Schedule" means the Schedule of fees annexed to these Conditions of Engagement; and


"Works" means the works in connection with which the Government has engaged the Consulting Architect to perform professional services.




(1)     The appointment of the Consulting Architect shall commence from the date of the Memorandum of Agreement or from the time when the Consulting Architect shall have begun to perform for the Government any of the professional services described in this Agreement, whichever is the earlier,


(2)     The Consulting Architect shall not, without the consent of the Government, assign the benefit or in any way transfer the obligations of this Agreement or any part thereof.

(3)     If at any time the Government decides to postpone the Project, the Government shall, by notice in writing to the Consulting Architect terminate his appointment under this Agreement, provided that the Government may, in lieu of so terminating his appointment require the Consulting Architect in writing to suspend the carrying out of his professional services under this Agreement for the time being. In such event, the Consulting Architect shall be paid in accordance with clause 15 of the Schedule.

(4)     If the Government does not require the Consulting Architect to resume the performance of his professional services in respect of the postponed Project within a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the Government's requirement to the Consulting Architect to suspend the carrying out of his professional services, the Project shall be considered to have been abandoned and this Agreement terminated.

(5)     If the Government fails to comply with any of its fundamental obligations under this Agreement, the Consulting Architect may by not less than sixty (60) days' notice in writing to the Government terminate his appointment under this agreement, provided that, in lieu of so terminating his appointment, the Consulting Architect may:-

(a)      forthwith upon any such failure suspend the carrying out of his professional services here under for a period of sixty (60) days (provided that he shall as soon as practicable inform the Government in writing of such suspension and the reasons thereof);and


(b)      at the expiry of such period of suspension either continue with the carrying out of his professional services under this Agreement or, if any of the reasons for the suspension then remain, forthwith in writing to the Government terminate his appointment under this Agreement.

(6)       The Consulting Architect shall immediately notify the Government in writing of any situation or of the occurrence of any event, beyond the reasonable control of the Consulting Architect which makes it impossible for the Consulting Architect to carry out his obligations here under. If the Government agrees in writing that any such situation or event exists, the Government may terminate this Agreement by giving not less than thirty (30) days written notice and shall pay such charges due to the Consulting Architect up to the date of termination of this Agreement as are still outstanding at the time of the situation or event. In the event of disagreement between the parties as to the existence of such situation or event, the matter shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with Clause 4.


(7)       The Consulting Architect shall, upon receipt of any notice or requirement in writing in accordance with sub-clause (3) or the termination by him of his appointment in pursuance of sub-clause(5), proceed in an orderly manner but with all reasonable speed and economy to take such steps as are necessary to bring to an end his professional services under this Agreement.

(8)       Unless terminated under this Clause the Consulting Architect's appointment under this Agreement shall terminate when the Consulting Architect issues the certificate authorizing the final payment to the Contractor. Provided always that in the event of arbitration or other proceedings after the completion of construction, if so by the Government, the Consulting Architect shall assist the Government in any manner whatsoever under the same conditions of engagement as are applicable to this Agreement.

(9)       Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement, the Government may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving thirty (30) days written notice and without assigning any reason.

(10)    Any termination of the Consulting Architect's appointment under this Agreement shall not prejudice or effect the accrued rights or claims of either party to this Agreement.

(11)       (a)  If any accident, failure or other event occurs due to any cause whatsoever to, in or in connection with the Works or any part thereof either during the execution of the Works or during the Defect Liability Period/Period of Maintenance, the Consulting Architect shall immediately report the accident, failure or event to the Government, and unless otherwise directed by the Government generally or in any particular respect, conduct a full investigation into the said accident, failure or event in order to determine the cause or reason for the accident, failure or event and submit a report thereon to the Government together with his proposals for remedial works in respect thereof.

(b)  The Consulting Architect shall not, however, cause remedial works to be carried out in respect thereof until directed to do so by the Government in writing. And upon being so directed the Consulting Architect shall proceed with the remedial works within 14 days from the date of such direction.


(c)  Where the Government, its employee or any person or body appointed or authorized by it carries out any investigation in relation to such accident, failure or event, the Consulting Architect shall render such necessary assistance and facilities as may be required by the Government, its employee or such person or body, including giving access to all specifications, designs, records and other available information relating to the Works. Nothing in this Sub-clause, and nothing done under this Sub-clause, shall in any manner be construed as derogating from the liabilities of the Consulting Architect under Sub-clauses (a) and (b).




(1)      All reports and relevant data such as maps, diagrams, plans, drawings, statistics and supporting record, or materials compiled or prepared in the course of this Agreement shall be the absolute property of the Government' throughout their preparation and at all times thereafter. The Consulting Architect shall deliver all these documents to the Government upon the completion or earlier termination of this Agreement. The Consulting Architect may retain a copy of such documents for his own record but shall not use any confidential information therein for purposes unrelated to this.


(2)      The Consulting Architect may with the consent of the Government, for which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, publish alone or in conjunction with any other person any article, photograph or other illustration relating to the Project.

(3)      The Government reserves the right to make use of all documents including drawings and specifications relating to the Project at any nine it so wishes.




(1)      If at any time any question, dispute, or difference of opinion shall arise between the Government and the Consulting Architect upon or in relation to or in connection with this Agreement or any part thereof, either party may forthwith give to the other notice in writing of the existence of such question, dispute or difference of opinion and the same shall be referred to the arbitration of a person to be mutually agreed upon or failing agreement within two months from the date of the notice then to such persons appointed by the President of the Board of Architects Malaysia and such reference shall be deemed to be a submission under the Arbitration Act 1952 and any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being and the award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon the parties. Pending the award of the Arbitration, the Consulting Architect, upon being directed by the Government at any time, shall continue to perform the remaining part of the services in accordance with the programme as set out in the works schedule and no payment the liability for which is not an issue or contingent upon the results of the proceedings shall be withheld on account of such proceedings.


(2)      The arbitration shall be held at the Regional Centre for Arbitration at Kuala Lumpur, using the facilities and assistance available at the Centre.




(1)   The Consulting Architect shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the discharge of his professional services. If in the performance of his professional services the Consulting Architect has discretion exercisable as between the Government and the Contractor, the Consulting Architect shall exercise his discretion fairly. The Consulting Architect shall exercise reasonable skill in providing estimates of costs and time for work to be completed by Contractors and shall keep the Government informed of any material changes in the estimates of costs and time.


(2)   The Consulting Architect shall not divulge any confidential information communicated to or acquired by him in the course of carrying out the work, duties and obligations under the terms of this Agreement. Such information shall not be used by the Consulting Architect on other projects without the written approval of the Government

(3)   The Consulting Architect shall not have any direct or indirect interest in any of the construction or supply contracts for the Project that are the subject of this Agreement without first divulging his interests to the Government and obtaining the written consent of the Government.

(4)   Except as the Government shall otherwise specifically agree in writing, the Consulting Architect shall not permit his staff or subsidiary or associate to engage in any activities related to the Project other than the specified professional services.

(5)   The Consulting Architect shall obtain the written consent of the Government before commencing his basic, additional and special services as specified herein.

(6)   The Consulting Architect shall not accept any tender in respect of the Project unless the Government shall have given him instruction in writing to do so, and any acceptance so made by the Consulting Architect on the instructions of the Government shall be on behalf of the Government.

(7)   The Consulting Architect shall not without the prior written approval of the Government give any instruction which in the opinion of the Consulting Architect arc likely to increase the cost of the Project unless the variations are of an emergency nature and any delay in carrying out such variation work can cause claims against the Government or involve danger to life and property and in the circumstanced it is impracticable for the Consulting Architect to obtain such approval. In such circumstances, the Consulting Architect shall seek the approval of the Government as soon as possible of such variation works.




(1)   The Consulting Architect shall advise the Government on the need for other consultants to be engaged for any part of the Project and unless otherwise agreed such other consultants shall be engaged and paid by the Government. The Consulting Architect's fees shall not be reduced by such engagement.


(2)   The Consulting Architect may be required to engage his own consultants and if such engagement is approved by the Government the fees payable to such consultants by Government shall be paid through the Consulting Architect. The Consulting Architect's fees shall not be in any way reduced by such engagement.




(1)   The Consulting Architect shall, whether the consultants are engaged pursuant to Clauses 6(1) or (2), instruct and co-ordinate the consultants throughout the Project so as to comply with the project schedule.


(2)   Where other consultants are engaged for any part of the Project pursuant to Clause 6(l) the Consulting Architect shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of the other consultants or for any breaches of the other consultant's contract with the Government.

(3)   Where other consultants are engaged for any part of the Project pursuant to Clause 6(2), the Consulting Architect shall be solely responsible for the performance, acts or omissions of the other consultants engaged. It is hereby agreed that there shall be no privity of contract between the Government and the other consultants.




(1)       If in the opinion of the Consulting Architect the nature of the Project warrants full time or part-time supervision on site, the Government shall not unreasonably object to the appointment of such site staff.


(2)       Persons appointed pursuant to Sub-clause (1) shall be either employed by the Consulting Architect or, if the Government and the Consulting Architect shall so agree, provided by the Government directly.

(3)       The terms of service of all site staff to be employed by the Consulting Architect shall be subject to the approval of the Government, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

(4)       The Government shall ensure that the contracts of employment of site staff employed by the Government shall stipulate that the persons employed shall act upon instructions of the Consulting Architect with regard to all matters connected with the execution of the Works under the administration of the Consulting Architect.

(5)       Site inspection visits by the Consulting Architect as described in paragraph 3(d) (iv) of the Schedule are entirely distinct from the continuous and/or detailed supervision which would be secured by the employment of full-time or part-time supervisors on the site.

(6)       Only the Consulting Architect or his representative shall have authority to give instructions to the Contractor, resident engineer/architect, superintending engineer, clerk-of-works and/or inspectors with regard to all matters connected with the execution of the Works under the administration of the Consulting Architect. All instructions from the Government shall be given to the Consulting Architect or his representative.




In the event of the termination of this Agreement by the Consulting Architect and upon the payment of the sums determined under paragraph 16 of the Schedule, the Consulting Architect shall deliver to the Government such completed drawings, specifications and other similar documents relevant to the Project as are in the possession of the Consulting Architect who shall be permitted to retain copies of any documents so delivered to the Government.




(1)   The Government shall, upon request, supply to the Consulting Architect. without charge and within a reasonable time, all necessary and relevant data and information in the possession of the Government including legal, survey and other particulars of the existing structures and features, sub-surface conditions and adjoining sites unless the above matters are required to be provided by the Consulting Architect in the form of additional or special services and shall give such assistance as shall reasonably be required by the Consulting Architect in the performance of his professional services under this Agreement.


(2)   Any data, report, map, photograph, plan, drawing, record or information given or forwarded by the Government to the Consulting Architect shall not relieve the Consulting Architect of his obligation under Clause 5(l). The Government gives no warranty in any manner whatsoever for the data, report, map, photograph, plan, drawing, record or other information either as to the accuracy or sufficiency or as to how the same shall be interpreted and the Consulting Architect when he makes use of and interprets the same, shall do so entirely at his own risk and shall not constitute a breach of obligation on the part of the Government under Sub-clause (1) if such data, report, map, photograph, plan, drawing, record or information is not accurate or sufficient for the purpose of performing the Consulting Architect's obligation under this Agreement.

(3)   The Government shall give its decision on all sketches, drawings, reports, recommendations, tender documents and other matters properly referred to it for decision by the Consulting Architect in such reasonable time so as not to delay or disrupt the performance by the Consulting Architect of his professional services under this Agreement.

(4)   The Government hall designate, if necessary, a person authorized to act on the Government's behalf in respect of the Project.

(5)   The Government shall issue instructions to the Contractor only through Consulting Architect where such instructions pertain to the scope of professional services or where the instructions pertain to the scope of professional services of other consultants who are directly engaged by Consulting Architect for the purpose of the Project.

(6)   The Government shall pay all fees or charges in connection with submissions for town planning, building or other proposals required from the relevant, authorities and shall do so within a reasonable time so as not to delay the progress of the Project.




(1)   The Consulting Architect may be engaged for the performance of any or all of the professional services as specified in the Schedule.


(2)   For the purpose of determining the payment due to the Consulting Architect under paragraph 15(1) (a) of the Schedule following the termination or suspension by the Government of the Project in which it is necessary to assess the payment to be made by reference to the cost of the Works, then to the extent that such cost is not known, the assessment shall be made upon the basis of the Consulting Architect's best estimate of cost to be agreed to by the Government.

(3)   Where the Consulting Architect is of the opinion that site staff should not be appointed, or where the necessary site staff is not available at site due to sickness or any other reasonable cause, the Consulting Architect shall be paid in accordance with paragraph 6 of the Schedule for site visits which would have been unnecessary but for the absence or non-availability of site staff.


(4)   All sums due to the Consulting Architect in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, unless disputed by the Government, shall be paid within forty two (42) days of the submission by the Consulting Architect of his accounts to the Government.


(5)   If any item or part of an item of an account rendered by the Consulting Architect is disputed or subject to question by the Government, the payment by the Government in respect of the undisputed amount shall not be withheld on those grounds and provisions of Sub-clause (4) shall apply to such amount.


The Consulting Architect shall be paid the fees prescribed herein.


The cost of works for the purpose of calculating the percentage fees shall include all builders' works as set out in the Contract, all Nominated specialists' or Nominated sub- contractors" work forming part of the Project but shall not include administrative expenses, costs incurred by the Government under this Agreement, interest or capital expended during construction and the cost of  raising money required for carrying out the construction of the Works, costs of lands, way leaves and price variation arising from escalation of prices and shall be arrived at as follows :

(a)      for completed works, the total final cost of all works including variations;

(b)         for works not executed, the lowest tender received less contingency items, P. C. and Provisional Sums for which no work has been undertaken; and

(c)          for works where tenders have not been received, the latest estimate of costs prepared by the Consulting Architect and accepted by the Government.



The professional services to be provided by the Consulting Architect shall consist of 3 types of services as follows:

(a)       the basic services;

(b)       the additional services, and

(c)       the special services.


3.          BASIC SERVICES

The basic services to be rendered by the Consulting Architect shall be as follows:

(a)            Schematic Design Phase

This phase comprises the following:-

(i)     taking of instructions from the Government to ascertain the requirements and constraints of the Work;

(ii)    preparing preliminary sketch designs to interpret the design brief;

(iii)   developing the sketch designs to a stage sufficient to enable applications to be made for planning approval or approval in principle in connection with any specific by-law;

(iv)   preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction cost based on current area volume or other unit costs; and

(v)    where applicable, submitting the drawings to relevant approving authorities for either town planning oval or approval in principle.  

(b)       Design Development Phase

This phase comprises the following:-

(i)     upon the approval of the proposals by the relevant approving authority or the Government, developing schematic design drawings to a stage to enable other independent consultants to commence detailed design work;

(ii)    preparing working drawings and submitting the same together with necessary particulars to the relevant approving authority to obtain the statutory building approval;

(iii)   updating of preliminary estimates of construction costs; and

(iv)   preparing a probable construction schedule and submitting the same to the Government for its approval.


(c)        Contract Documentation Phase


This phase comprises the following:-


(i)     upon the approval by the Government of the updated estimates of construction cost and probable construction schedule, preparing and finalizing drawings, specifications and other particulars necessary for the preparation of the bills of quantities by a quantity surveyor;

(ii)    preparing all documents necessary for obtaining competitive tenders for the work;

(iii)  pre-qualification of contractors;

(iv)  inviting, on behalf of the Government, tenders for the work or collaborating with the quantity surveyor engaged by the Government to do so;

(v)    Evaluating the results of the tender including the merits of alternative tenders and submitting a report and recommendation to the Government;

(vi)  awarding the Contract on behalf of the Government; and

(vii) preparing the Contract either alone or in collaboration with other consultants appointed by the Government for the documents to be signed by the Government and the Contractor.


(d)        Contract Administration and Supervision Phase


This phase comprises the following:-


(i)     performing all the functions conferred upon the Consulting Architect under the terms of the Contract;

(ii)    providing all information and the issuing of instructions to the Contractor to enable the Contractor to proceed with the works;

(iii)   examining the construction schedule to ensure that the works can reasonably be completed within the Contract period;

(iv)   providing periodic supervision of the forks so as to ensure that the Works are being executed in accordance with the Contract and to enable the Consulting Architect to certify the completion of the various stages of the orks and issue the necessary certificates in respect of the Works in order to apply for a certificate of fitness for occupation from the relevant approving authority;

(v)    where necessary, applying for the relevant certificate of occupancy from appropriate authority;

(vi)   accepting the building at the various stages of completion on behalf of the Government; and

(vii) providing a set of drawings showing the building as constructed and attaining for the Government the drawings of the building services as installed and recommendations on their maintenance.




(1)   For the purpose of calculating the percentage fees to be charged for providing the basic services, buildings are classified under three categories as follows:

CATEGORY                               DESCRIPTION                                     BUILDING TYPES

         1                                        Building of exceptional                       Air terminal buildings
                                                   character and complexity                   Abattoirs
                                                                                                                  Chancery buildings
                                                                                                                  Embassy buildings
                                                                                                                  Ferry terminal buildings
                                                                                                                   Hospital (service, teaching,
                                                                                                                          central-support units or departments
                                                                                                                          to hospitals)
                                                                                                                    Individually designed houses
                                                                                                                    Legislative buildings

CATEGORY 1 (Revised 2007)

    TOTAL PROJECT                                                            BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
           250,000                                                                                 25,000
           300,000                                                                                 30,000
           400,000                                                                                 40,000
           500,000                                                                                 50,000

                                                                              [(Kos-500,000) x 9.25%]+50,000
           600,000                                                                                 59,250
           700,000                                                                                 68,500
           800,000                                                                                 77,750
           900,000                                                                                 87,000
        1,000,000                                                                                 96,250

                                                                              [(Kos-1,000,000) x 8.5%]+96,250
        1,200,000                                                                               113,250
        1,400,000                                                                               130,250
        1,600,000                                                                               147,250
        1,800,000                                                                               164,250
        2,000,000                                                                               181,250

                                                                              [(Kos-2,000,000) x 7.75%]+181,250
        2,200,000                                                                               196,750
        2,400,000                                                                               212,250
        2,600,000                                                                               227,750
        2,800,000                                                                               243,250
        3,000,000                                                                               258,750
        3,200,000                                                                               274,250
        3,400,000                                                                               289,750
        3,600,000                                                                               305,250
        3,800,000                                                                               320,750
        4,000,000                                                                               336,250
     TOTALPROJECT                                                            BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                     FEE CALCULATION
          (RM)                                                                                        (RM)
                                                                               [(Kos-4,000,000) x 7.0%]+336,250
        4,200,000                                                                                350,250
        4,400,000                                                                                364,250
        4,600,000                                                                                378,250
        4,800,000                                                                                392,250
        5,000,000                                                                                406,250
        5,200,000                                                                                420,250
        5,400,000                                                                                434,250
        5,600,000                                                                                448,250
        5,800,000                                                                                462,250
        6,000,000                                                                                476,250
        6,200,000                                                                                490,250
        6,400,000                                                                                504,250
        6,600,000                                                                                518,250
        6,800,000                                                                                532,250
        7,000,000                                                                                546,250
        7,200,000                                                                                560,250
        7,400,000                                                                                574,250
        7,600,000                                                                                588,250
        7,800,000                                                                                602,250
        8,000,000                                                                                616,250
                                                                           [(Kos-8,000,000) x 6.25 %]+616,250
        8,200,000                                                                                628,750
        8,400,000                                                                                641,250
        8,600,000                                                                                653,750
        8,800,000                                                                                666,250
        9,000,000                                                                                678,750
        9,200,000                                                                                691,250
        9,400,000                                                                                703,750
        9,600,000                                                                                716,250
        9,800,000                                                                                728,750
      10,000,000                                                                                741,250
      12,000,000                                                                                866,250
      14,000,000                                                                                991,250
      16,000,000                                                                             1,116,250

                                                                             [(Kos-16,000,000) x 5.5%]+1,116,250
      18,000,000                                                                             1,226,250
      20,000,000                                                                             1,336,250
      22,000,000                                                                             1,446,250
      24,000,000                                                                             1,556,250
      26,000,000                                                                             1,666,250
      28,000,000                                                                             1,776,250
      30,000,000                                                                             1,886,250
      32,000,000                                                                             1,996,250
                                                                          [(Kos-32,000,000) x 5.0%] +1,996,250
      34,000,000                                                                             2,096,250
      36,000,000                                                                             2,196,250
      38,000,000                                                                             2,296,250
     TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                     FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                       (RM)
      40,000,000                                                                             2,396,250
      42,000,000                                                                             2,496,250
      44,000,000                                                                             2,596,250
      46,000,000                                                                             2,696,250
      48,000,000                                                                             2,796,250
      50,000,000                                                                             2,896,250
      52,000,000                                                                             2,996,250
      54,000,000                                                                             3,096,250
      56,000,000                                                                             3,196,250
      58,000,000                                                                             3,296,250
      60,000,000                                                                             3,396,250
      62,000,000                                                                             3,496,250
      64,000,000                                                                             3,596,250

                                                                           [(Kos-64,000,000) x 4.5 %]+3,596,250
      66,000,000                                                                             3,686,250
      68,000,000                                                                             3,776,250
      70,000,000                                                                             3,866,250
      72,000,000                                                                             3,956,250
      74,000,000                                                                             4,046,250
      76,000,000                                                                             4,136,250
      78,000,000                                                                             4,226,250
      80,000,000                                                                             4,316,250
      82,000,000                                                                             4,406,250
      84,000,000                                                                             4,496,250
      86,000,000                                                                             4,586,250
      88,000,000                                                                             4,676,250
      90,000,000                                                                             4,766,250
      92,000,000                                                                             4,856,250
      94,000,000                                                                             4,946,250
      96,000,000                                                                             5,036,250
      98,000,000                                                                             5,126,250
    100,000,000                                                                             5,216,250
    120,000,000                                                                             6,116,250
    128,000,000                                                                             6,476,250

                                                                        [(Kos-128,000,000) x 4.25%]+6,476,250
    140,000,000                                                                             6,986,250
    160,000,000                                                                             7,836,250
    180,000,000                                                                             8,686,250
    200,000,000                                                                             9,536,250
    220,000,000                                                                           10,386,250
    240,000,000                                                                           11,236,250
    256,000,000                                                                           11,916,250

                                                                          [(Kos-256,000,000) x 4.0%]+11,916,250
    260,000,000                                                                           12,076,250
    280,000,000                                                                           12,876,250
    300,000,000                                                                           13,676,250
    320,000,000                                                                           14,476,250
    340,000,000                                                                           15,276,250
    TOTALPROJECT                                                             BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
    360,000,000                                                                            16,076,250
    380,000,000                                                                            16,876,250
    400,000,000                                                                            17,676,250
    420,000,000                                                                            18,476,250
    440,000,000                                                                            19,276,250
    460,000,000                                                                            20,076,250
    480,000,000                                                                            20,876,250
    500,000,000                                                                            21,676,250
    512,000,000                                                                            22,156,250

                                                                         [(Kos-512,000,000) x 3.75%]+22,156,250
    520,000,000                                                                            22,456,250
    540,000,000                                                                            23,206,250
    560,000,000                                                                            23,956,250
    580,000,000                                                                            24,706,250
    600,000,000                                                                            25,456,250
    620,000,000                                                                            26,206,250
    640,000,000                                                                            26,956,250
    660,000,000                                                                            27,706,250
    680,000,000                                                                            28,456,250
    700,000,000                                                                            29,206,250
    720,000,000                                                                            29,956,250
    740,000,000                                                                            30,706,250
    760,000,000                                                                            31,456,250
    780,000,000                                                                            32,206,250
    800,000,000                                                                            32,956,250
    820,000,000                                                                            33,706,250
    840,000,000                                                                            34,456,250
    860,000,000                                                                            35,206,250
    880,000,000                                                                            35,956,250
    900,000,000                                                                            36,706,250
    920,000,000                                                                            37,456,250
    940,000,000                                                                            38,206,250
    960,000,000                                                                            38,956,250
    980,000,000                                                                            39,706,250
  1,000,000,000                                                                           40,456,250

CATEGORY                               DESCRIPTION                                  BUILDING TYPES
           2                                      Buildings of average                       Aquaria
                                                   complexity requiring a                    Art Galleries
                                                   moderate degree of design             Assembly Hall
                                                   and detailing                                     Auditorium
                                                                                                              Bowling alleys
                                                                                                              Car parking structure (multi-story)
                                                                                                              Cinema halls
                                                                                                              Club houses
                                                                                                              College buildings
                                                                                                              Concert halls and facilities
                                                                                                              Court houses
                                                                                                              Cafeteria and Canteens
                                                                                                              Civic centers
                                                                                                              Community centers
                                                                                                              Department stores
                                                                                                              Exhibitions/Exposition buildings
                                                                                                              Fire stations
                                                                                                              Flats (block of)/Apartment buildings
                                                                                                               Housing estates
                                                                                                               Industrial buildings with
                                                                                                                    manufacturing and packaging facilities
                                                                                                               Medical and Health clinics
                                                                                                               Mixed Residential/Commercial complexes
                                                                                                               Nursing homes
                                                                                                               Office buildings
                                                                                                               Petrol service stations
                                                                                                               Post offices
                                                                                                               Police stations
                                                                                                               Prefabricated structures
                                                                                                               Power stations
                                                                                                               Recreational buildings and facilities
                                                                                                               Road transportation terminal buildings
                                                                                                               Religious buildings
                                                                                                               Research buildings
                                                                                                               School buildings (other than Government
                                                                                                                Primary and Secondary where standard
                                                                                                                       plans are used)
                                                                                                                Shop houses
                                                                                                                Shopping centers/complexes
                                                                                                                Skating rinks (covered/ice/roller)
                                                                                                                Sport buildings
                                                                                                                Telephone exchange buildings
                                                                                                                 University buildings
                                                                                                                 Veterinary clinics

CATEGORY 2 (Revised 2007)

    TOTAL PROJECT                                                            BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
           250,000                                                                                 18,750
           300,000                                                                                 22,500
           400,000                                                                                 30,000
           500,000                                                                                 37,500

                                                                                  (Kos-500,000) x 7.0%]+37,500
           600,000                                                                                 44,500
           700,000                                                                                 51,500
           800,000                                                                                 58,500
           900,000                                                                                 65,500
        1,000,000                                                                                 72,500

                                                                            [(Kos-1,000.000) x 6.5%]+72,500
        1,200,000                                                                                 85,500
        1,400,000                                                                                 98,500
        1,600,000                                                                               111,500
        1,800,000                                                                               124,500
        2,000,000                                                                               137,500
                                                                             [(Kos-2,000,000) x 6.0%]+137,500
        2,200,000                                                                               149,500
        2,400,000                                                                               161,500
        2,600,000                                                                               173,500
        2,800,000                                                                               185,500
        3,000,000                                                                               197,500
        3,200,000                                                                               209,500
    TOTAL PROJECT                                                            BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
            (RM)                                                                                     (RM)
        3,400,000                                                                               221,500
        3,600,000                                                                               233,500
        3,800,000                                                                               245,500
        4,000,000                                                                               257,500

                                                                              [(Kos-4,000,000) x 5.5%]+257,500
        4,200,000                                                                               268,500
        4,400,000                                                                               279,500
        4,600,000                                                                               290,500
        4,800,000                                                                               301,500
        5,000,000                                                                               312,500
        5,200,000                                                                               323,500
        5,400,000                                                                               334,500
        5,600,000                                                                               345,500
        5,800,000                                                                               356,500
        6,000,000                                                                               367,500
        6,200,000                                                                               378,500
        6,400,000                                                                               389,500
        6,600,000                                                                               400,500
        6,800,000                                                                               411,500
        7,000,000                                                                               422,500
        7,200,000                                                                               433,500
        7,400,000                                                                               444,500
        7,600,000                                                                               455,500
        7,800,000                                                                               466,500
        8,000,000                                                                               477,500

                                                                                        8,000,000) x 5.0%] +477,500
        8,200,000                                                                               487,500
        8,400,000                                                                               497,500
        8,600,000                                                                               507,500
        8,800,000                                                                               517,500
        9,000,000                                                                               527,500
        9,200,000                                                                               537,500
        9,400,000                                                                               547,500
        9,600,000                                                                               557,500
        9,800,000                                                                               567,500
      10,000,000                                                                               577,500
      12,000,000                                                                               677,500
      14,000,000                                                                               777,500
      16,000,000                                                                               877,500

                                                                          [(Kos-16,000,000) x 4.75%]+877,500
      18,000,000                                                                               972,500
      20,000,000                                                                            1,067,500
      22,000,000                                                                            1,162,500
      24,000,000                                                                            1,257,500
      26,000,000                                                                            1,352,500
      28,000,000                                                                            1,447,500
      30,000,000                                                                            1,542,500
      32,000,000                                                                            1,637,500   
    TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF                                   MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
                                                                            [(Kos-32,000,000) x 4.5%]+1,637,500
      34,000,000                                                                            1,727,500
      36,000,000                                                                            1,817,500
      38,000,000                                                                            1,907,500
      40,000,000                                                                            1,997,500
      42,000,000                                                                            2,087,500
      44,000,000                                                                            2,177,500
      46,000,000                                                                            2,267,500
      48,000,000                                                                            2,357,500

                                                                        [(Kos-48,000,000) x 4.25%]+2,357,500
      50,000,000                                                                            2,442,500
      52,000,000                                                                            2,527,500
      54,000,000                                                                            2,612,500
      56,000,000                                                                            2,697,500
      58,000,000                                                                            2,782,500
      60,000,000                                                                            2,867,500
      62,000,000                                                                            2,952,500
      64,000,000                                                                            3,037,500

                                                                          [(Kos-64,000,000) x 4.0%] + 3,037,500
      66,000,000                                                                            3,117,500
      68,000,000                                                                            3,197,500
      70,000,000                                                                            3,277,500
      72,000,000                                                                            3,357,500
      74,000,000                                                                            3,437,500
      76,000,000                                                                            3,517,500
      78,000,000                                                                            3,597,500
      80,000,000                                                                            3,677,500

                                                                        [(Kos-80,000,000) x3.75%]+3,677,500
      82,000,000                                                                            3,752,500
      84,000,000                                                                            3,827,500
      86,000,000                                                                            3,902,500
      88,000,000                                                                            3,977,500
      90,000,000                                                                            4,052,500
      92,000,000                                                                            4,127,500
      94,000,000                                                                            4,202,500
      96,000,000                                                                            4,277,500

                                                                            [(Kos-96,000,000) x 3.5%]+4,277,500
      98,000,000                                                                            4,347,500
    100,000,000                                                                            4,417,500
    102,000,000                                                                            4,487,500
    104,000,000                                                                            4,557,500
    106,000,000                                                                            4,627,500
    108,000,000                                                                            4,697,500
    110,000,000                                                                            4,767,500
    112,000,000                                                                            4,837,500
    TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
                                                                        [(Kos-112,000,000) x 3.25%]+4,837,500
    114,000,000                                                                            4,902,500
    116,000,000                                                                            4,967,500
    118,000,000                                                                            5,032,500
    120,000,000                                                                            5,097,500
    128,000,000                                                                            5,357,500
    140,000,000                                                                            5,747,500
    160,000,000                                                                            6,397,500
    180,000,000                                                                            7,047,500
    200,000,000                                                                            7,697,500
    220,000,000                                                                            8,347,500
    240,000,000                                                                            8,997,500
    260,000,000                                                                            9,647,500
    280,000,000                                                                          10,297,500
    300,000,000                                                                          10,947,500
    320,000,000                                                                          11,597,500
    340,000,000                                                                          12,247,500
    360,000,000                                                                          12,897,500
    380,000,000                                                                          13,547,500
    400,000,000                                                                          14,197,500
    420,000,000                                                                          14,847,500
    440,000,000                                                                          15,497,500
    460,000,000                                                                          16,147,500
    480,000,000                                                                          16,797,500
    500,000,000                                                                          17,447,500
    520,000,000                                                                          18,097,500
    540,000,000                                                                          18,747,500
    560,000,000                                                                          19,397,500
    580,000,000                                                                          20,047,500
    600,000,000                                                                          20,697,500
    620,000,000                                                                          21,347,500
    640,000,000                                                                          21,997,500
    660,000,000                                                                          22,647,500
    680,000,000                                                                          23,297,500
    700,000,000                                                                          23,947,500
    720,000,000                                                                          24,597,500
    740,000,000                                                                          25,247,500
    760,000,000                                                                          25,897,500
    780,000,000                                                                          26,547,500
    800,000,000                                                                          27,197,500
    820,000,000                                                                          27,847,500
    840,000,000                                                                          28,497,500
    860,000,000                                                                          29,147,500
    880,000,000                                                                          29,797,500
    900,000,000                                                                          30,447,500
    920,000,000                                                                          31,097,500
    940,000,000                                                                          31,747,500
    960,000,000                                                                          32,397,500
    980,000,000                                                                          33,047,500
  1,000,000,000                                                                         33,697,500

CATEGORY                              DESCRIPTION                                     BUILDING TYPES
         3                                        Buildings of the simplest                  Carports (single storey)
                                                     utilitarian character                          Farm buildings
                                                                                                                School buildings (Government Primary and
                                                                                                                Secondary where standard plans are used)
                                                                                                                Simple industrial type buildings
                                                                                                                Storage or Warehouse buildings
CATEGORY 3 (Revised 2007)

    TOTALPROJECT                                                             BASIS OFMINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
           250,000                                                                                 12,500
           300,000                                                                                 15,000
           400,000                                                                                 20,000
           500,000                                                                                 25,000
           600,000                                                                                 30,000
           700,000                                                                                 35,000
           800,000                                                                                 40,000
           900,000                                                                                 45,000
        1,000,000                                                                                 50,000

                                                                            [(Kos-1,000,000) x 4.75%]+50,000
        1,200,000                                                                                 59,500
        1,400,000                                                                                 69,000
        1,600,000                                                                                 78,500
        1,800,000                                                                                 88,000
        2,000,000                                                                                 97,500

                                                                              [(Kos-2,000,000) x 4.5%]+97,500
        2,200,000                                                                                106,500
        2,400,000                                                                                115,500
        2,600,000                                                                                124,500
        2,800,000                                                                                133,500
        3,000,000                                                                                142,500
        3,200,000                                                                                151,500
        3,400,000                                                                                160,500
        3,600,000                                                                                169,500
        3,800,000                                                                                178,500
        4,000,000                                                                                187,500

                                                                             [(Kos-4,000,000) x 4.25%]+187,500
        4,200,000                                                                                 196,000
        4,400,000                                                                                 204,500
        4,600,000                                                                                 213,000
        4,800,000                                                                                 221,500
        5,000,000                                                                                 230,000
    TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
        5,200,000                                                                                 238,500
        5,400,000                                                                                 247,000
        5,600,000                                                                                 255,500
        5,800,000                                                                                 264,000
        6,000,000                                                                                 272,500
        6,200,000                                                                                 281,000
        6,400,000                                                                                 289,500
        6,600,000                                                                                 298,000
        6,800,000                                                                                 306,500
        7,000,000                                                                                 315,000
        7,200,000                                                                                 323,500
        7,400,000                                                                                 332,000
        7,600,000                                                                                 340,500
        7,800,000                                                                                 349,000
        8,000,000                                                                                 357,500

                                                                              [(Kos-8,000,000) x 4.0%]+357,500
        8,200,000                                                                                 365,500
        8,400,000                                                                                 373,500
        8,600,000                                                                                 381,500
        8,800,000                                                                                389,500
        9,000,000                                                                                 397,500
        9,200,000                                                                                 405,500
        9,400,000                                                                                 413,500
        9,600,000                                                                                 421,500
        9,800,000                                                                                 429,500
      10,000,000                                                                                 437,500
      12,000,000                                                                                 517,500
      14,000,000                                                                                 597,500
      16,000,000                                                                                 677,500

                                                                             [(Kos-16,000,000)x 3.75%]+677,500
      18,000,000                                                                                 752,500
      20,000,000                                                                                 827,500
      22,000,000                                                                                 902,500
      24,000,000                                                                                 977,500
      26,000,000                                                                              1,052,500
      28,000,000                                                                              1,127,500
      30,000,000                                                                              1,202,500
      32,000,000                                                                              1,277,500

                                                                             [(Kos-32,000,000) x 3.5%]+1,277,500
      34,000,000                                                                              1,347,500
      36,000,000                                                                              1,417,500
      38,000,000                                                                              1,487,500
      40,000,000                                                                              1,557,500
      42,000,000                                                                              1,627,500
      44,000,000                                                                              1,697,500
      46,000,000                                                                              1,767,500
      48,000,000                                                                              1,837,500
      50,000,000                                                                              1,907,500   
    TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF                                                                                 MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
      52,000,000                                                                              1,977,500
      54,000,000                                                                              2,047,500
      56,000,000                                                                              2,117,500
      58,000,000                                                                              2,187,500
      60,000,000                                                                              2,257,500
      62,000,000                                                                              2,327,500
      64,000,000                                                                              2,397,500

                                                                            [(Kos-64,000,000) x 3.25%]+2,397,500
      66,000,000                                                                              2,462,500
      68,000,000                                                                              2,527,500
      70,000,000                                                                              2,592,500
      72,000,000                                                                              2,657,500
      74,000,000                                                                              2,722,500
      76,000,000                                                                              2,787,500
      78,000,000                                                                              2,852,500
      80,000,000                                                                              2,917,500
      82,000,000                                                                              2,982,500
      84,000,000                                                                              3,047,500
      86,000,000                                                                              3,112,500
      88,000,000                                                                              3,177,500
      90,000,000                                                                              3,242,500
      92,000,000                                                                              3,307,500
      94,000,000                                                                              3,372,500
      96,000,000                                                                              3,437,500
      98,000,000                                                                              3,502,500
    100,000,000                                                                              3,567,500
    120,000,000                                                                              4,217,500
    140,000,000                                                                              4,867,500
    160,000,000                                                                              5,517,500
    180,000,000                                                                              6,167,500
    200,000,000                                                                              6,817,500
    220,000,000                                                                              7,467,500
    240,000,000                                                                              8,117,500
    260,000,000                                                                              8,767,500
    280,000,000                                                                              9,417,500
    300,000,000                                                                            10,067,500
    320,000,000                                                                            10,717,500
    340,000,000                                                                            11,367,500
    360,000,000                                                                            12,017,500
    380,000,000                                                                            12,667,500
    400,000,000                                                                            13,317,500
    420,000,000                                                                            13,967,500
    440,000,000                                                                            14,617,500
    460,000,000                                                                            15,267,500
    480,000,000                                                                            15,917,500
    500,000,000                                                                            16,567,500
    520,000,000                                                                            17,217,500
    540,000,000                                                                            17,867,500
    560,000,000                                                                            18,517,500
    580.000.000                                                                            19,167,500

    TOTAL PROJECT                                                             BASIS OF MINIMUM
CONSTRUCTION COST                                                    FEE CALCULATION
           (RM)                                                                                      (RM)
    600,000,000                                                                            19,817,500
    620,000,000                                                                            20,467,500
    640,000,000                                                                            21,117,500
    660,000,000                                                                            21,767,500
    680,000,000                                                                            22,417,500
    700,000,000                                                                            23,067,500
    720,000,000                                                                            23,717,500
    740,000,000                                                                            24,367,500
    760,000,000                                                                            25,017,500
    780,000,000                                                                            25,667,500
    800,000,000                                                                            26,317,500
    820,000,000                                                                            26,967,500
    840,000,000                                                                            27,617,500
    860,000,000                                                                            28,267,500
    880,000,000                                                                            28,917,500
    900,000,000                                                                            29,567,500
    920,000,000                                                                            30,217,500
    940,000,000                                                                            30,867,500
    960,000,000                                                                            31,517,500
    980,000,000                                                                            32,167,500
 1,000,000,000                                                                            32,817,500