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Chin Architect is a Professional Chartered Architect Firm based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The company’s website is  www.ArchitectChin.com. Established in 1995, our  company  is a registered  Professional  Architect  firm with  the  Malaysian  Board  of  Architects(Lembaga  Arkitek Malaysia, LAM) and Malaysian Institute ofArchitects (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, PAM).

If you are seeking to find and hire an architect, look no further than Chin Architect.Chin Architect is a local Registered Architect Company that produces Designs, House Plans and Drawings on Interior Design, Energy EfficientDesigns, Cost Effective Buildings. We are Residential, Office and Commercial Architect Based in Sabah, Malaysia.

Our Strengths.
We specialize in creative modern and sustainable architecture, using locally- produced materials.  We  place  high emphasis  on  energy-efficient  architecture  which  requires very low  maintenance costs.We welcome all prospective clients to work together with us.  Ifyou have  problems  in  choosing  your  ideal  building  design, give  us your ideas for a  conceptual plan.  We  will  produce  a  design, and  you  pay  the  design fee  only.However,  shouldyou  wish to  go  further, we  will follow  up  the  design  byobtaining  approval  from the  local  authority, and  supervise  the  construction as  well.So  by leaving  everything  to  us,  you can  carry  on  with  your  daily  business with no  worries.We are client-friendly, and can design and build.

Personal Profile.
Ar. Chin  Yuong Khiun(Chin Y K) is a Professional Chahitecrtered Arct with  over  twenty  years’ experience in  Commercial Architecture, Project  Management and  Interior  Design.His  impressive  range  of   projects  include  residential architecture  for homes, apartment  blocks, while his  commercial  architecture  produced structures  such  as  shopping  malls, shoplots, government  buildings, schools, restaurants,  resorts  and  hotels. He incorporated Malaysian and Balinese architecture into modern architecture to maximumeffect.Prior  to  setting  up  his  own  architecture  practice, he gained  valuable experience  working  with  the  Government(Public  Works  Department), in  a private  architect’s  practice  and  a   contractor’s  office.

Our sole income is derived from architectural fees paid by our clients.We do not receive commission from contractors or suppliers.  We remain steadfastly loyal solely to our clients. 

We are nimble, fast and reliable.  We deliver architectural designs and drawings efficiently in the shortest possibletime.  We respond to all enquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

Cost Control.
Using our comprehensive experience, we can produce the most cost-effective designs.  We  are  a  firm believer in  cost  control  in construction,  effective  optimum  use  of  local  materials,and  cost-conscious  designs  that  will maximize  visual  impact  using  low-cost  strategies.

Efficient Architecture.
When  designing  buildings, we  use  specific criteria  such  as  ease  and  speed of  construction and cost  effectiveness.  Our familiarity with  our range  of  building designs  is  such  that  they  can  be  exhibited in  an  instant. We  can  instruct  and  guide  builders  on  how  to  plan and build  according  to  our  design  and  specifications.

Design style.
We employ eclectic use of design forms to suit specific siteconditions. We believe a design  should  grow  out  of  the  site  rather  than  be transplanted into  it.  We   are very  conscious  of  the  Tropical   climatic conditions  that  prevail  in Malaysia  and consequently  design  buildings  accordingly  which  are  adapted  to  these  conditions.We  specialize  in  Tropical Architecture and  Modern  Architecture  with modifications  which  are  especially  adapted  to  the local weather  conditions.Our designs are both user-friendly and builder-friendly. By using  a  combination  of  traditional  forms  and  modern  architectural  designs,  we  can  come  up   with  a plan  or  a  building  which is  uniquely  yours.

Malaysian Board of Architects (Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, LAM).
Malaysian Institute of Architects (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, PAM)
Malaysian Mensa Minds (MENSA)
B. Sc in Architecture, University of Newcastle, Australia
B. of Architecture (Hons),University of Newcastle, Australia

Contact us at: chin178@gmail.com     www.ArchitectChin.com

Completed Projects

•    Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Restaurant, K.K.(Design& Build)
•    Sepilok Lodge, Sepilok, Sandakan
•    Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (Inland RevenueOffice, Sandakan, Sabah,)
•    Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) Housing V12Phase 1
•    Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) Housing V19Phase 2
•    Health Clinic (Klinik Kesihatan), Kauluan
•    Tan Sri Pandikar Amin’s House in Menggatal
•    Mr. John Lo’s Dalit land Rezoning, Dalit, Tuaran
•    Sekolah Rendah Dimpokuan, Penampang
•    Proposed 240 Units Apartment at Pantai Dalit,Dalit, Tuaran
•    SRJK & SMK Kunak, Tawau (Design only)
•    Dr. Ong’s Bungalow, Signal Hill, K.K.
•    National Registration Office (Jabatan PendaftaranNegara), Sipitang
•    National Registration Office (Jabatan PendaftaranNegara), Papar
•    Dr. Lim Hock Leng’s House, Taman Khidmat, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
•    A Prefabricated Beach Front Chalet, Dr. Lim HockLeng, Kuala Penyu
•    Kolam Plaza Complex  and Shop lots, Jalan Kolam
•    Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Renovation
•    Proposed Luyang Apartment for Golden Plus (Planning)
•    Proposed Outdoor & Indoor Sports Stadium Likasfor Golden Plus (Planning)
•    Proposed S. C. Choo’s House, Taman Khidmat (DesignOnly)
•    Mr. Wong Lian Ting’s House, Taman Khidmat
•    Proposed Seafood RestaurantKepayan    Portview Sdn. Bhd. (Design)
•    Proposed 4 Storey Wisma Permaisaba Office Block,Sembulan. (Design)
•    Proposed Apartment & Shophouse, Kinarut (Design)
•    Proposed Semi-D & Terrace Houses, Kg. RamayahPenampang (Design)
•    Proposed Tawau Secondary School for MUIS (Design)
•    Chin Chalet, Bukit Keramat
•    Proposed Norman Wong’s House, Penampang (Design)
•    Proposed Arthur Wong’s House, Taman Kingfisher
•    Proposed Petrol Station, Inanam Laut (Design)
•    EON Services Centre Renovation, Penampang (Design)
•    Mostwell Office Renovation, Lintas Square
•    Proposed Putatan Hawkers Stall, Putatan (Design)
•    Wisma Perindustrian, Likas Baya (Project Management)
•    Signal Hill Condominium (Project Management)
•    Proposed Kota Kinabalu Beach Resort (ProjectManagement)
•    Tiara Labuan Hotel Phase 2, Labuan (ProjectManagement)
•    Renovation of USIA Building, Sembulan, K.K.
•    Tawau Prison Block (Jabatan Penjara), Tawau
•    Lahad Datu General Post Office, Lahad Datu
•    Tawau General Post Office, Tawau
•    Paitan Government Quarters(Jabatan Kerja Raya),Paitan
•    Paitan Mini-secretariat  (Jabatan Kerja Raya),Paitan
•    Matunggong Government Quarters (Jabatan Kerja Raya), Kudat
•    Matunggong Mini-Secretariat (Jabatan Kerja Raya),Kudat
•    Sandakan Council President’s Residence, Sandakan
•    BP Petrol Station, Kinarut
•    Sabah Forestry Industries Office, Sipitang
•    Taman Jindo Phase 4, Luyang
•    Papar Council(Majlis Daerah Papar)
•    Margaret Fung’s House, Taman Khidmat

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