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Menu of Architecture Services 2010

We hand over architecture and interior design services in a convenient, comfortable  usage format. We assist you to choose services that accommodate your project, budget and charge of experience. You can select to employ us to handle all aspect of your proposed project or merely to get consents and for ideas and advice.

We always offer you with prices for each one service prior to start the work, in order that you keep controlling all over your design costs. Please review our Menu of Architecture Services to understand how we can assist you.

Getting Started:

First visit

We'll gather you at your property to talk about your proposed project and go over what degree of service you demand. We wish to acquire an thorough understanding of your necessities at this level therefore our proposals best reflect your aspirations and practical wants. Our discussions at the first visit form the basis of the Proposed Project Legal Brief. The Proposed Project Legal Brief details the extent of deeds to be admitted inside the project and will be released to you for agreement. Our services will be guided upon the basis of this written document. In order that we may offer you with the service you ask inside the agreement fee we kindly ask that you inform us as soon as possible if whatever aspect of your requirements alter. We don't charge for this first visit.


Throughout your project you will probably get several inquiries. We are always prepare to attend a meeting whether or not you admit commissioned that particular service. You might wish to talk roughly the progress of works, costs or design subjects or meet with your contractor, structural engineer or additional advisor. Where this service is complete and above a commissioned work stage we charge at an agreed hourly rate.

Measured survey

To enable us to organize drawings of your proposals, it is usually needed to have drawings of the existing construction in a CAD (computer aided designs) data format. Whenever you don't have exact computer-aided design drawings, we will complete an evaluated survey and acquire our own drawings. For bigger properties we might advise that you charge a survey from a professional construction surveyor. We will supply you with a fixed fee for this level based on the suggested time-spent.

Scheme Design

The Scheme Design level is a collaborative process whereby we work with you, meeting as needed to ascertain that you are pleased and convinced on the suggested designs. Scheme Design drawings form the keystone of your project and start with hand drawn diagrams, architectural plan* and sketches. These are later formalised in the data format of quantified CAD drawings. Our scheme design drawings admit preliminary furniture, kitchen and bathroom layouts so that you are able to be sure your project will work for you. The drawings will be applied at this level to supply budget cost forecasts and might be applied as the fundamental for preliminary discussions with builders. We usually supply you with a fixed fee for Scheme Design level based on the floor area and nature of your proposed build.

Obtaining Consents:

Certificate of Lawfulness Application

If your proposals can be categorized as an allowed development then we recommend that you apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness to early proof versus alterations in the natural law. We can ready and process an application for you, the content of which is literally same to that mandatory for a planning application. We usually supply you with a fixed fee for this level based on the floor area and nature of your proposed build.

Planning Application

If your proposals can't be categorized as allowed development you will require to apply for Planning Consent. A planning application will include location maps, drawing of your belongings in context, existing and proposed architectural plan* and elevations, photographic surveys and a design and access statement. We organize and submit the application on your behalf and maintain regular contact with the assigned case officer as the application is processed. Applications are usually processed within an 8-10 week period. The consent is valid for three years from the date of approval. For a standard application we normally provide you with a fixed fee for this level based on the floor area and nature of your proposed build.

Conservation Area Consent and Listed Building Consent

You might need Conservation Area Consent if your belongings dwells will require Listed Construction Consent if your property is listed and it is probably that you will need another drawings and stipulations over and above that needed for a planning application. We can set up and administer both applications for you. We usually supply you with a fixed fee for this level based on the floor area of your proposed build.

Building Regulations Application

Before you begin construction we suggest all our customers to get the entire Plans Building Regulations Approval. Building control is the agency that ascertains that your proposals are built up according to authorized technical measures. A construction Control inspector will visit your project at one time under construction to ascertain that you are building in accordance with the authorized Documents. We can ready an application for you that will admit elaborated technical plans and divisions, critical building inside information and construction rules particular specifications. We will also liaise with a structural engineer to coordinate the input of structural designs and computations. We usually supply you with a fixed fee for this level based on the floor area and nature of your proposed build.

Get building:

Detailed design and Specification

Quite simply, the more information you supply as a basis for agreeing the cost with your constructor, the more cost certainty you will have. For most residential projects building rules level drawings supply a sound basis on which to tender a project. Should you require greater cost certainty by describing in detail exactly what you wish the builder to undertake, we can provide additional specifications and schedules of work to accommodate your necessities. We usually supply you with a fixed fee for this level based on the floor area and nature of your proposed build.

Interior design

We have extensive interior design experience and all of the time consider the interior of your project throughout the design method. Our architectural services incorporate an outline Interior Design scheme including preliminary kitchen and bathroom layouts, basic open fireplace designs, recognition of chances for built in furniture and storage, specification of floor completes, interior joinery etc. We also work on a regular basis with specialist kitchen and bathroom designers and work to insure that their input is fully organized. Should you wish to design a key room in particular or if for instance you wish to charge bespoke designed furniture or lighting installations we are pleased to supply more services at an accorded hourly rate.Please see our Menu of Interior Design Services for more inside information.

Contract tenders

You will need to select before you approach a constructor whether or not you want a designer to deal with your building contract for you. Building contracts can be negotiated with a preferable constructor or competitively tendered. We can supply you with advice and administrate tender processes for you. We charge for this service at an accorded hourly rate.

On site administration

We could fully administrate your construction contract for you,assisting regular site meetings, responding contractor questions, certifying work and administering payments and alter control processes.Alternatively, we can just attend meetings at key stages where you feel that you want help. We are pleased for you to call on us as and when you want our services. We charge for this service at an accorded hourly rate.
Other Consultants:

Structural Engineer

You will need to nominate a structural engineer to render the structural computations and stipulations required by Building Control. Additional structural engineering acts may be needed, depending on the scope of your project and the level of information needed by your constructor. We will counsel you on the appointment of a appropriate certified structural engineer and work to organise their input.


Eco assessments and energy computations are not in general compulsory for domestic residential projects, though you will require to meet the necessities of part L of the building rules. Planning necessities may demand new build projects to be subject to environmental assessment measures. Non domestic clients attempting new build housing projects will have responsibilities in this respect. We will counsel you consequently.

Party wall surveyor

You may be needed to act under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 if your construction works are in close proximity to neighboring property boundaries. We will counsel you of your obligations under the act. In some illustrations Party Wall awards will be needed in which case we will recommend the appointment of a appropriate qualified advisor.

Planning consultant

Complex or unusual planning applications may profit from other input by a specialist planning advisor. This is not usually needed for the majority of residential projects.

CDM coordinator

The CDM (Construction Design Management) 2007 Act is concerned with health and safety issues affecting building projects under construction and in use. Domestic clients (someone who lives, or will live, in the premises where the work is carried through) undertaking domestic projects are excepted from CDM client duties. The CDM customer duties will apply to domestic premises if the client is a local authority, landlord, housing association, charity, collective of leaseholders or any other trade, business or undertaking (whether for profit or not). We can counsel on the appointee of a appropriate certified CDM coordinator.
Architectural Designs for All Your Needs

Hire An Architect To Solve Your Construction Problems.

What can we offer you?

We have an all- building design and constructing team of experienced skilled professionals able of dealing all levels of construction, from  architectural design to the completion of construction and occupancy. Our design architects, engineers, technicians, quantity surveyors, surveyors and contractors will deliver for you promptly and cost effectively.

We are client-friendly, - barely come to us with your troubles or suggestions, and we will offer the best advice and supply the answers for  you.

Having more than 20 years’ experience behind us, we have acquired expertise in sustainable architecture, commercial architecture, green architecture, cost-effective designs with minimal energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

If you are looking for to find and employ an architect, look no further than Chin Architect.
Chin Architect is a local Registered Architect Company that produces Designs, House Plans and Drawings on Interior Design, Energy Efficient Designs, Cost Effective Buildings. We are Residential, Office and Commercial Architect Based in Sabah, Malaysia.

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