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Cost Effective Design for a Beachfront Chalet in Kuala Penyu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Prefabricated Beach Front, Energy Efficient Architecture

Local Architecture for Malaysian-Style House Plan.

Design for Cost effective Construction.  This house sits on a hill overlooking a beautiful secluded beach at Kuala Penyu, about 500km south of Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu. As the site is remote and far away from built-up areas, the local infrastructure is limited.

Prefabricated House Design. As it had to be designed on a limited budget and within a short time-frame, much of the work was done by prefabrication at a factory and transported to the site for assembly. The Prefabrication was done in the controlled environment of a factory, and such cost-control measures resulted in a building of superb quality.

Each A-frame is light enough for 2 persons to lift and install. This construction method also minimizes the time and effort required to supervise workers at a remote site.

Chin Architect designed the Prefabricated Frame structure and supervised its construction.The C-Beams were constructed on site, while the rest of the building was prefabricated in the factory. So with two gangs of laborers working concurrently on the project, much time was saved. When the site works were finished, the prefabricated frames were delivered to the site and assembled by the site workers.

The width of the house was limited to the length of the transporting truck, i.e., 16 feet. In addition, the height of the building had to be limited to the height of a bridge along the delivery route.

The final product is another example of sustainable and cost-effective architecture.

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