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 Bali Spa

Relaxing Bali


Beach Bale Style

tree house

beach chalets

small beach hut

small beach hut pre fabricated

pool side relaxing hut

Pre-Fab Bale, Gazebo, Pavilion and Bungalows

Prefabricated Bale and Bungalows

Balinese architecture is well known worldwide for its ability to create a sensual and soothing environment for any home and outdoor living experience. Deriving centuries of inspiration from nature, a traditional Bale or Bungalow can now be made available via our website thanks to the advancement of prefabricated design and materials.

Prefabrication is the practice of assembling components of a structure in a factory or manufacturing site and transporting complete assemblies or sub-assemblies to the construction site where the structure is to be located. 

With the availability of prefabricated designs for Bale and Bungalow structures, the cost of procuring such structures can be reduced thanks to its modern efficiency, ease of transportation and easy-to-follow construction method that guarantees a successful site installed product every time.

The construction of the Bale (gazebo) model requires only 3 - 4 workers to assemble all its structural parts. Less than 30 nails are required for assembly as all major structural components consist of mortise joints, which is the tried-and-tested method for traditional Bale construction for many centuries past.

Standard available sizes for the Bale are as follows:

  • 2m x 2m
  • 3m x 3m

Prefabricated Bungalow structures
are a cheap and efficient method for creating a covered space with a distinct character and style. It can be used as a living space or as a workspace. Combine a few units - and create your own unique building infused with Balinese style. A standard size is available, however dimensions may also be customized to suit your spatial and functional needs.

Quality materials and finishes

All components are manufactured in Bali to preserve the authenticity and style of Indonesian architecture and crafts. You may choose the tropical, tactile feel of coconut wood or the warm tones of Merbau and other hardwoods to furnish your Bale or Bungalow. Optionally, an all-Merbau hardwood finish is also available for an additional cost.

Traditional blinds (optional) can be added-on to the completed installation to invoke a sense of privacy and tranquility to the finished structure.

Each structure is covered in traditional Alang-alang grass roof tratch or Belian shingles (optional) which is shiped together with the structural components. The Bale or Bungalow is finished with elegant bamboo weave as a ceiling component.

       bale spa   relaxing Bali

        resort Spa   Bale resort

      Beach   Beach Bali  

      Bali Gazebo   Resort Stlye   

     Spa Bali   Pavillion  

     beach hut   pool side hut

     small hut pre fabrication   sustainable pre fabrication

     home vacation   pre fabrication tiny hut

     tropical hut   beach relaxing

      signage hut   Pre fabricate Gazebo

Simple Bali Challet

Relaxing Bali Style

Small Gazebo

Small Roof Bale

Medium Bale

relaxing bali

pre fabricated chalet

relaxing hut

tiny chalet by the beach

tropical vacation

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