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Chin Architect was commissioned to design the Gabrielite Retreat and Formation Centre that caters to groups or individuals who wish to stay at a peaceful and secluded guest resort. The design of the retreat complex will allow visitors to celebrate the panoramic views of the famous Kokol Hills located 15km from Kota Kinabalu city, Sabah while immersed in the privacy of spaces designed for quiet self-reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. The Gabrielite Retreat and Formation Centre will function as a spiritual oasis and religious sanctuary for the faithful, and will be the first resort – cum – spiritual building complex in Malaysia to physically merge nature and architecture as one entity.  Designed with the objective of restoring harmony between man and nature – therefore creating a catalyst for spiritual renewal, the architecture of the retreat is arranged as a cluster of organic buildings – embedded within the natural landscape of the hill slopes, creating a unique landscape that redefines the idea of modern guest housing design. Within this cluster of organic buildings, guest chalets and dormitories are placed, lightly touching the land with their steel framed open deck structures and web meshed roofs.

The architecture of the retreat’s chalets and administrative buildings, for example, is both inspired by spiritual and organic elements – as seen through its structural use of tubular steel supports that evoke elements of Gothic church architecture, while its modern curvilinear roof forms create a new and unconventional façade that evokes one’s desire to find spiritual rejuvenation and a fresh, new outlook.

Each of the retreat’s chalets are built along the hillside with views overlooking the panorama of Sabah’s West Coast, while the dormitory blocks have easy access to the central administration block, conference rooms and F&B facilities. The entire complex will be uniquely landscaped with a series of undulating grass slopes and mounds, trees and foliage to create a surreal yet soothing environment for spiritual and private contemplation.

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