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Residential Architecture for a Suburban Bungalow,

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Green Building with Sabah Architecture.

How to Find an Architect to Draw House Plan for Contemporary Design

Location. This bungalow is situated in an upper-class suburb of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

House Plan. To create a house that is open to the outside while retaining privacy for the clients. We also wished to make it energy-efficient by having fresh air flowing freely around the house.

Creating a green house design.

The house is surrounded by established houses and a basketball court. Large roof overhangs help screen the occupants from the neighbors’ view, thus affording a degree of privacy. Exposed red bricks and tropical wood finishes provide a rustic and homely ambience for the occupants. We used generous roof overhangs to help shield the occupants from the harsh tropical sunlight and heavy monsoon rains.

The lush greenery of a garden is introduced into the main entrance hallway, so visitors soon become aware of green architecture implementation upon entering the verdant courtyard. By using carefully thought-out placements of walls and partitions, semi-private  space such as the living and dining area are not visible from the main entrance. The living room looks out on a spacious garden with a  large fish pond. One is also soothed by the idyllic sounds of the fountain at the fish pond, inducing a feeling of living with Nature. Chin Architect is an Interior Design Architect that offers Design and Built package for Interior Residential or Commercial Designs.

The house plan is divided into different zones according to the degree of privacy. The Public Zone includes the car porch and entrance hallway. The living and dining area comprise the Semi-private Zone, while the Service Zone includes the kitchen, laundry, store and servant’s quarters. Finally there is the Private Zone of the bedrooms.

The end product is a highly desirable and cost efficient residential property, designed by a local architect, and with practically all the materials being locally produced.                                                                                                                

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