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interior designer

interior designer
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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (Inland Revenue Office, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.)

 Architecture for a Modern Government Complex.

 Commercial Architecture for Multi-Purpose Complexes.

This Malaysia based architect designed for the Malaysian Government office complex, hostels, schools, hospitals  and clinic.

Office Architecture: Design and construct a cost-efficient multi-purpose structure within the confined space of a small site. It comprises a fully-fledged office area, conference centre, theatre, nursery, gym, public gallery and  a 2-storey car park.

Application  of  Tropical  Architecture:  The  concept  was  a  contemporary  building specially  adapted to the demanding  Tropical  climate of  high temperatures, high  humidity  and  heavy tropical  downpours.

Time schedule:  The design evolved   in stages and at differing times before attaining the present form. The final  sketch design was completed  in  two  weeks, and  physical  construction  took  a  total  of  two  and  a half years.

 The application of Tropical Architecture is everywhere in evidence. A dramatic curved roof protects the building
 from the harsh Tropical sun and Monsoon rain. Large overhangs cover the entire perimeter of the building. The  front  of  the  building  faces  west, so  generous use  of  aluminum louvers  help  to  shade  the  building  from the  low  afternoon  sun. The  building  itself  is actually  rectangular  in  shape,  with  columns  spaced at  intervals  of  8.3  meters,  which  is  derived  from  the car-parking  width  of  3  cars. The curving of the roof, louvers and canvas canopy create the distinct impression of Malaysian Style

 This is a good  example  of  an  energy-efficient  building, as seen in the roof and sun shades, which  have the effect of  reducing  the  heat  load to  the  house. A high percentage of direct sunlight is blocked out from reaching the building at all times. Consequently, the building uses a lot less energy for cooling. Moreover, the building is designed to be earth-quake proof. Chin Architect is a local architect based in Sabah, Malaysia and is therefore familiar with the climatic and local council’s requirements. Thus able to design plans that suit the local condition perfectly. The  roof  frames  were  set  out  on  a  factory  floor,  and  inspected  and  approved by  the  architect  and engineer before a life-size mock-up was erected in the factory. Only  after  a  full  inspection  and   approval was  given  did  fabrication  begin. The  roof  trusses  were  completed  in  many  segments  and  transported  to the  site 300km  away  by  trucks. The  segments  were  hoisted  by  crane  to  the  top  of  the  building, and assembled  in sequence  from  the  edges  of  the  building. We  were  relieved  when  it  expired  that  they met in  the  middle  of  the  roof  pitch.

 Chin Architect is designed the Interior of this massive Halls, Counters, Back drops also.

 The end-product is a successful application of modern styling, using locally-made materials which are adapted  to the local climate, all of which points to the competency of a local architect.

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