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Double Loft House is a stunning residence that is raised on columns, ensuring a Modern Architecture homely experience. These houses arise with four various options to choose from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, each with a distinct style and appearance. These structures are low cost, yet grand and glamorous, the loft house stands in the sheer magnitude of excellence, visualizing your home sweet home. The use of clinical design methods, adds to the portrait of an elegant contemporary home in its interior spaces. Finely shaped timber work in combination with crystal-like glass wraps the exterior façade as well as charming in the interiors. Minimalistic fixtures define the space, thus piquing the persona of a gentleman and gentlewoman, who will live and walk the floors of the double loft homes.

All the architectural drawings and modern house blueprints are available for instant download as PDFs, thus saving time, effort and costs.

Instant Downloads available: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArchitectChin

Description of Digital Download:

Digital PDF Blueprints of Modern 3 Level Mirror House, Plan, Loft Plan, Elevations, Section, Sectional Details, Roof Frame Plan, Materials are described in the drawings. PDF Format, A4 size.

Diagonal Watermarks will not be visible in the downloaded files you purchase.

Advantages of this Design:

All materials are available off-the-shelf from hardware stores.
We designed this house for to maximize your land use. You will get a full loft floor, entire house and car porch under one roof. Every part of the house gets a view outside. The build-up area vs. materials used is very high and efficient. In other words, you get more living area for your bucks.
It has 2 terrace area for utility work and family barbeque. High windows are designed for natural light penetration to the house. You can park your cars under the house and walk up to your living room. The living area, kitchen, toilets, dining are all on the same level. Sleeping area is at the loft above. Solar panels can be installed on the roof.
The architecture is unique and elegant. The materials and colors are designed to complement your environment.

Description of House:

One House includes: bathroom, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, storage, loft, living/dining, laundry, pantry, in-wall shelves, 2 terrace and car porch for 4 cars.

Overall footprint of house is 32'(can be extended)  x 40' (Fixed) = 1,280 square feet.

Covered Car Porch (Level 1)                           =      16' x 40'       = 640 square feet.

Enclosed Area (Level 2: Living, Kitchen)         =      16' x 40'       = 640 square feet.

Enclosed Area (Level 3: Loft, Bedrooms)        =      16' x 24'       = 384 square feet.

Uncovered Terrace (Level 2: Semi Circle)       =      8' Wide         = 453 square feet.

Total Useable Area                                                                       = 2,117 square feet. 

You can extend the width of the house to any suitable length. (Default Width = 32')

Metal Frame, dry floor and wall construction (cement fibre board, timber board, glass, plywood, etc.), Metal roofing, Concrete Footings, Metal stumps.

USA Home construction costs estimate


The average cost to build a house ranges from approximately $100 to $160 per square foot. We know — that's a big spread. But keep in mind your new home's size and where you live can dramatically affect the price.

Cost to build a house per square foot:

Square footage Average cost

500 $50,000-$80,000

1,000 $100,000-$160,000

1,500 $150,000-$240,000

2,000 $200,000-$320,000

2,500 $250,000-$400,000

3,000 $300,000-$480,000

3,500 $350,000-$560,000

4,000 $400,000-$640,000

Cost to build a house per square foot by region

Generally, the per-square-foot cost to build a home ranges from $100 to $160 nationally.

However, prices can vary by region. Building a new home in the South is much less expensive than constructing a home in the West or Northeast.

Region Cost per square foot

South $110

Midwest $129

Northeast $156

West $159

Cost of finishes

The level of finish you desire can dramatically affect the price you pay. Base-level finishing start at an average cost of $90 per square foot on top of other construction costs. But add wood floors, marble countertops, high-end appliances and fancy chandeliers and that cost may skyrocket. And if you're eager for a second floor, a two-story home may cost more than a one-story.

Homes with standard finishing are modest and cozy — but not luxurious. Midrange homes are slightly nicer than standard homes, and — accordingly — cost a little more. Expect to spend about $100 to $120 more per square foot on construction.

Level of finishing Includes Cost per sq. ft.

Standard Low- to mid-end countertops, like granite or quartz; carpeted bedrooms; standard bathroom fixtures; tiled entryways; hardwood in the main living areas; standard ceiling light fixtures; stucco or lap siding; basic roof materials $175-$262

Midrange Higher-end, energy-efficient windows; recessed lighting; high-quality hardwood flooring; upgraded bathroom fixtures and finishes; higher-end countertops and appliances; stone accents on the exterior $275-$310

High-end Automation, like blinds and speakers; heated driveways; heated flooring; marble or chiseled stone bathrooms; stone exterior; expensive glass; custom baseboards and molding; professional landscaping; slate roof shingles $525-$1,110

This House:

Ground floor car porch (rectangular area) = 640SF

Loft = 384SF

Main Floor =640SF

Deck= 453SF

Total Useable Area                                             =                 2,117 square feet.

You can work out a rough budget based on:

The Rates (depends on where you are) x Size 2,117 SF  = Total Estimated Costs

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