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Architectural Detail AutoCAD / PDF Drawings

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Architectural details are essential for Modern Architecture building in many aspects. They define the blend between theoretical expression and technical characteristics. The production process of design is impacted by the smart use of the desirable details and its assembly method that also controls the ecological footprint. Contemporary architecture in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia delineates an efficient and sustainable interest in detail. Every tiny measurement can alter the working mechanism of an entire design. We provide architect consultancy where our advices and answers ensures maximum benefit for you

We provide exquisitely detailed blueprints for various typologies for Digital Download. Here we have showcased two typologies with detailed AutoCAD drawings and PDFs set for construction.

Bicycle shed

 _____m x ______m AutoCAD Drawings download

Bicycle Shed: An intricately detailed set of modern blueprints to build a bicycle shed can be bought from us. These set of sheets will contain the necessary requirements for constructing a linear shed covered by a sloping roof. The inner measurements of the bicycle holding bar are also provided with the joinery details. The whole roof is held by columns with equal spacing, where each forms a bay for four cycles to be parked. Horizontally in the center, a small gap is provided for ease of movement followed by the next bay of 4 cycles each. Nevertheless, the whole shed can hold up to 32 bicycles to be parked at a time. All the budget economical drawings are available for instant download as PDFs, thus saving time, effort and costs.

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