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Architect Chin, has over the past 32 years worked on commercial and residential renovation works.

Renovation, which is also called as the remodeling, is the process of refining a broken, damaged, or outdated construction in Modern Architecture with modern house blueprints. Renovations are naturally either commercial or residential typologies. Furthermore, renovation can denote to the transformation of something new or bringing something back to life from its ruins, and this can be applied in all social contexts. The renovation process can be broken down into several processes, such as planning, structural repair, rebuilding, and finishing.

Many homeowners renovate their homes to create a new appearance for their abode, or so another person can accommodate in that residence. Builders are often used to renovating homes because it is a stable source of income. Renovations require property or site to reconstruct, structural plans, knowledge of sewage disposal, water supply, flood zones, project plan, funding, and master builders. We do site planning that includes site plan, development plan, building plan, council submission of plan to the council, granting planning permission, setting a town planner, and site studies.

We provide the best team to handle all these features and take your project to see a new dawn. Architect Chin at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia has worked over the past 32 years in renovating homes, hotels, and other commercial and residential works. The Hyatt Hotel, Nasi Lemak Restaurant and Damai Office are a few of his exceptional works that showcase his masterful craft in the renovation. The innovative ideas we provide in our firm are countless, and our specialized team works with every project with utmost sincerity and most profound respect. We follow the principles, aesthetics and elements of design using apt concepts to bring life into the spaces.
Our designers craft spaces that anticipate your needs and appeal to your emotions while drawing from a comprehensive set of skills and technical knowledge. Interior design has changed dramatically since the early 20th century, and now it has begun to emerge into a new era. Our professionals follow textiles, materials, colour, space planning, sustainability, and more. During the construction stage, we will strictly adhere to structural requirements, health and safety issues, and building codes. We provide architect consultancy where our advices and answers ensures maximum benefit for you.

We will provide site planning, development plan, building plan, council submission, plan submission to council, planning permission, town-planning and site studies. You are always welcome to contact us.

Hyatt Hotel                                                         Nasi Lemak Restaurant                             Damai Office


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