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Modern Pre - Fab Houses PDF Plans

We designed and built Pre-Fab Houses Houses for private and commercial usage. These metal frame chalets can be easily and carried by two person. They are designed to be light weight and cost effective.

Pre-Fabrication is ready to be assembled designed set pieces. Prefabricated structures consist of the whole modern architecture building components such as beams, slabs, columns and walls, which gets transported to your site from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and gathered in order. The bulk of the prefab budget house plan work is constructed at an offsite location; this ensures increased construction speed, consistent and efficient quality, thus reducing wastage. Prefabs are now being generally used for large scale and small scale affordable housing projects and other typologies as well. 

These prefab metal houses includes modern interior design with Modern Kitchen, Modern living, Modern dining, Modern car porch, Modern garage, and Modern bedroom design spaces that stitch together like Lego blocks. You can choose between various sizes such as 200 sq. ft., 400 sq. ft., 600 sq. ft., 800 sq. ft. and so on. The design of the structure, its aesthetics and elemental formation are perfect for a vacation home, maybe as a splendid resort or a functional, productive office or it can become the humble staff quarters. The design includes Modern furniture design, DIY furniture, Plywood furniture, modern Plywood furniture, kidsí bedroom, tank bed, DIY bed and much more. The framing and setting the pieces can be connected and seamed by three people with ease, be it on a hill or a flat terrain. Our dedicated team will be assisting you in every step as you build your dream. 

All our designs are easy modern architecture that are easy to build and construct. You can get your builder to construct to the building according to our plans. All our pre-drawn drawings are available as instant digital downloads in PDF format.

You can buy these pre-drawn PDF blueprints and download them instantly.

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