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I.D. Furniture Kit

The most significant factor in Modern Architecture is when arranging any room to appreciate, and have the layout reflect, how and in what manner space will be used and performed. For example, two sofas facing each other is pleasantly symmetrical but, if your primary activity when sitting on either sofa is to watch the T.V, then it is not ideal. Think about what you'd like to do in that space, what needs to be within arm's reach, and how much area is required for you to perform.

Interior Design Furniture Kit all you need to create the room of your dreams! Are you thinking of moving to a beautiful new home or an apartment? Would you like to refurbish your current living space? Now you don't have to waste time and energy endlessly re-positioning heavy pieces. Our collection of easy-to-use furniture layout kit will help you design your rooms efficiently, accurately, and with a sense of balance and harmony.

We have 253 cuts out furniture diagrams and graph paper at your perusal. Our model pieces are in ½": 1' scale. Now you can lay out a full room of various furnishings with our punch-out shapes: beds, chairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, pianos, bookcases, and more. A set of graph paper sheets are included for your floor plans. Designing your own rooms can be an enjoyable experience. And with our budget-friendly kit, you can make all the right choices before buying or moving a single piece of furniture.

Be ready to experiment. That is one of the best things about positioning furniture in a room. Many get stuck into a single layout and influence ourselves; it's the only way our home will work or look right. But often moving a chair, shifting a sofa or re-orienting a bed is enough to give your space a whole new life.

The Interior Design Furniture Kit are available for instant digital download as PDFs, thus saving time, effort and costs.   

Instant Downloads available: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArchitectChin

You don’t need a degree in designing, or understanding complex drawings to start designing your own space. This is simple and fun to use – just cut out and move it around. It’s as simple as that.

This Furniture and Room Layout Kit included ½” to 1’ 0” scaled 253 furniture cut-outs for 8 rooms; Living, Family, Dining, Bedroom, Guestroom, Study, Nursery, Kitchen, Toilet, and blank graph paper for the room outline. Comprehensive furniture included: tables, chairs, beds, sofas, Jacuzzi, showers, wash basins, kitchen counters, fridges, chests, ottomans, bath tub, cabinets, pianos, bookcases, and more.
Step by step instructions are also included.

Use this furniture layout kit if you are designing or planning your house, apartment or rooms. It lets you move furniture around using the cutouts without actually moving heavy furniture around. You can swap things around until you are satisfied with the results. You can use it to tailor your taste and needs to suit your family usage before moving a single thing in your room and furniture. This is all scaled at ½” to 1’ 0” so that everything will match your real space. Designing is a lot of fun and this layout kit helps you do it without using fancy software and complicated technical drawings.

Instead of moving heavy furniture pieces around, only to find that they just don’t fit in the area you want, use this furniture layout kit to design your rooms exactly the way you want it.

Included are:

8 pages of Furniture Templates drawn to   ½” to 1’ 0” scale. (JPEG and PNG files, 300 DPI),

1 page of Blank Graph paper drawn to   ½” to 1’ 0” scale. (JPEG and PNG files, 300 DPI),

A PDF Step by Step Instructions and Guide to Design.

In zipped folders.

Diagonal Watermarks are not visible in the downloaded pages.


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