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Design & Build

Range of Services.

- Design Only

- Design Documentation, Local Authorities Approval, Site Supervision.

- Design & Build

All the above represents a ‘design and build’ one-stop solution for you.
Leave everything to us, and carry on with your daily commitments. We can help solve your problems for a reasonable fee.
Have no fear; your friendly architect is always near!

Details of our Basic Services.

Chin Architect, the consulting architect, will render the following:

    (a)           Schematic Design Phase

    This phase comprises the following:-
            (i)    taking of instructions from the Client to ascertain the requirements and constraints of the Work;
            (ii)   preparing preliminary sketch designs to interpret the design brief;

            (iii)  Developing the sketch designs to a stage sufficient to enable applications to be made for planning
                   approval  or approval in principle in connection with any specific by-law;

            (iv)  preparing preliminary estimates of the probable construction cost based on current area volume or
                   other unit costs; and
            (v)  where applicable, submitting the drawings to relevant approving authorities for either town planning
                  approval or approval in principle.
    (b)    Design Development Phase

            This phase comprises the following:-
           (i)    upon the approval of the proposals by the relevant approving authority or the Government, developing
                  schematic design drawings to a stage to enable other independent consultants to commence  
                  detailed design work;

           (ii)   preparing working drawings and submitting the same together with necessary particulars to the
                  relevant approving
                  authority to obtain the statutory building approval;

           (iii)   updating of preliminary estimates of construction costs; and

           (iv)   preparing a probable construction schedule and submitting the same to the Client for its approval.

   (c)    Contract Documentation Phase

           This phase comprises the following:-
           (i)    upon the approval by the Client of the updated estimates of construction cost and probable
                  construction schedule,
                  preparing and finalizing drawings, specifications and other particulars necessary for the preparation  
                  of the bills of quantities by a quantity surveyor;

           (ii)   preparing all documents necessary for obtaining competitive tenders for the work;

           (iii)   pre-qualification of contractors;

           (iv)   inviting, on behalf of the Client, tenders for the work or collaborating with the quantity surveyor
                   engaged by the
                  Government to do so;

           (v)   Evaluating the results of the tender including the merits of alternative tenders and submitting a report
                  and recommendation to the Client;

           (vi)   awarding the Contract on behalf of the Client; and

           (vii)   preparing the Contract either alone or in collaboration with other consultants appointed by the
                    Government for the documents to be signed by the Government and the Contractor.

    (d)    Contract Administration and Supervision Phase

            This phase comprises the following:-

            (i)    performing all the functions conferred upon the Consulting Architect under the terms of the Contract;

            (ii)    providing all information and the issuing of instructions to the Contractor to enable the Contractor to
                    proceed with
                    the works;

            (iii)    examining the construction schedule to ensure that the works can reasonably be completed within
                     the Contract period;

            (iv)    providing periodic supervision of the forks so as to ensure that the Works are being executed in
                     accordance with the Contract and to enable the Consulting Architect to certify the completion of the
                     various stages of the works and issue the necessary certificates in respect of the Works in order to
                     apply for a certificate of fitness for occupation from the relevant approving authority;

             (v)    where necessary, applying for the relevant certificate of occupancy from appropriate authority;

             (vi)   accepting the building at the various stages of completion on behalf of the Client; and

             (vii)   providing a set of drawings showing the building as constructed and attaining for the Client the
                      drawings of the
                      building services as installed and recommendations on their maintenance.

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