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Resettlement Housing Project by Asian Architect in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Housing Development of Unique, Modest - Design Bungalows by Architect Chin.


The site is adjacent to Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) at Menkabong, Tuaran, Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo.

The Project.

It comprises the design and construction 139 units of comfortable, 3-bedroom, and bungalow-style housing design, together with the requisite infrastructure. The project developer is KKIP.
It is currently under construction by 2 teams of competent local contractors.

Project Objectives.

To design and construct modest, family bungalows with a matchless blueprint. Another focus is to plan in a budget-conscious way, maintaining minimal costs. Use of Tropical architecture and design which would withstand extremes of Tropical weather. It also involves the use of a distinctive design which will result in bungalows that provide a comfortable, homely and family atmosphere.

Methods of Achieving Objectives.

These include the use of quality, locally-made materials to achieve the target for a minimal budget. The architect and contractors will ensure the entire construction process is environment-friendly. Only a local architect, Architect Chin, as well as local engineers and contractors are used. The outstanding local design architect has designed spacious, comfortable bungalows using decorative, locally-made materials.

Special Design Features.

These include the use of red brick to establish a rustic, mellow appearance, and a sloping roof design geared to combat the Tropical climate, with a large, extending roof-cover to provide maximum shade from the sun and rain. In addition, full use is made of galvanized iron roof trusses in the construction, with a general emphasis on light-weight construction.

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