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About this Plan

You can pre-fabricate this house with a bedroom, pantry, bathroom & balcony. It can be combined to fit together like a lego set. Available in 200 SF, 400 SF, 600 SF, 800 SF & etc. Ideal as vacation house, resorts, office, staff quarters. It can be installed quickly by 3 persons on a hill slope or flat ground. . Get your contractor to fabricate this for you or Do-It-Youself.

Land requirements

Ideal for hill slope or flat land.


  • The main frame is rust proofed mild steel and the panels are made of bronze anodised extruded aluminium frames. Installation is a snap.
  • It is weather proofed and light.
  • Excellent value for money! It is approximately the price of a small car.
  • Light fittings, switches, sanitary fittings and ironmongery are included! Just plug and play.
  • No special tools are required. You only need basic hand held tools like spanners and screw drivers.
  • Easy to install. No crane is required.
  • Saves times and labour.
  • Built to last! You may even disassemble the house and move the entire house to another site!
  • This Pre-Fabricated V-House has a bath room, one bedroom, and veranda.


It takes 3 to 4 persons to assembly this house in about 5 days only. Only the 4 footings are cast in situ. The entire house comes in a kit form. It can be assembled using simple hand held tools. Only bolting is required; no welding is required. No skill is required. The kit will have a step by step instructional video on how to assemble it yourself. The floor joists, roof purlins, walls come in easy–to-install prefabricated panels. The kit comes prefinished, no additional painting is required.


We also have the twin room 400 square feet version and the 800 square feet version two bedroom version.

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